Compas de coupe

N° de brevet: EP1892119 (A1)
Date de publication: 2008-02-27
Inventeur(s): OKADA SHOJI [JP];
Demandeur(s): OLFA CORP [JP];
Classification: B43L9/04;B26B11/00;B43L9/16;B43L9/20;
N° de demande: EP20070121557 20020923 
Numéro(s) de priorité: EP20020256597 20020923;JP20010291444 20010925;JP20020103759 20020405;JP20020187806 20020627 
A manipulator (30) of a compass (320) for drawing a circle or a compass-cutter (20, 120, 220) for cutting an object in circular configuration is provided with a mechanism for transmitting the force from the user's hand only in one direction. With such the construction, a user can smoothly draw a complete circle at 360 degree, or can cut a paper, a cloth and so on in circular configuration, without re-pinching the manipulator during operation, in a manner for a ratchet which is a commercially. 

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