Demi–chaîne de fixation et attache coulissante

N° de brevet: EP1886593 (A2)
Date de publication: 2008-02-13
Demandeur(s): YKK CORP [JP];
Classification: A44B19/34;
N° de demande: EP20070252912 20070723 
Numéro(s) de priorité: JP20060220114 20060811 
The invention provides a fastener stringer capable of following up stretching/contracting action of a highly stretchable fabric smoothly by improving a stretching property of an element attaching portion, and capable of preventing occurrence of breaking of chain even if the element attaching portion is stretched. A fastener stringer (1) of the present invention includes: a fastener tape (2) composed of a weaving structure having a tape main portion (3) and an element attaching portion (4) ; a continuous fastener element row (6) sewed to the element attaching portion (4) with a sewing thread (5) which is a non-elastic yarn; and an elastic core thread (7) inserted through an interior of the fastener element row (6). An elastic yarn (8) and a non-elastic yarn (9) are woven into the tape main portion (3) and the element attaching portion (4) as warp yarns, and a non-elastic yarn (10) is woven as a weft yarn. The elastic yarn (8) and the non-elastic yarn (9) are woven so that a weaving ratio of the elastic yarn (8) to the non-elastic yarn (9) is larger in the element attaching portion (4) than in the tape main portion (3). 

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