Curseur de fermeture à glissière

N° de brevet: EP1886592 (A2)
Date de publication: 2008-02-13
Demandeur(s): YKK CORP [JP];
Classification: A44B19/26;
N° de demande: EP20070252910 20070723 
Numéro(s) de priorité: JP20060217116 20060809 
A slide fastener slider, in which a pair of projecting portions (14) are formed such that they project from shoulder mouth (13) side end portions of a pair of flanges (9, 9) to a shoulder mouth (13) side, the flanges (9,9) being erected on both right and left sides of a lower plate (8). Each projecting portion (14) is constituted of a stepped portion (15) formed by extending from the shoulder mouth (13) side end portion of each flange (9) to the shoulder mouth (13) side, and a downward slope (16) formed from the stepped portion (15) up to a top face of the lower plate (8). The pair of projecting portions (14) allow an inclination of a leg portion (25) of a fastener element to be returned to a substantially horizontal state, thereby preventing contact between a fastener tape and each flange (9) to block breaking of threads in the fastener tape. 

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