Bouton composé de trois éléments coopérant entre eux

N° de brevet: EP1880628 (A1)
Date de publication: 2008-01-23
Inventeur(s): ORZA PASQUALE [IT];
Demandeur(s): JONNY Q ITALIA S R L [IT];
Classification: A44B1/28;
N° de demande: EP20060425703 20061012 
Numéro(s) de priorité: IT2006MC00026U 20060717 
The present invention relates to a button composed of three cooperating elements, characterised in that it uses a traditional rivet, whose pin is engaged and held inside a corresponding housing in central position on the back of a cylindrical joint with enlarged head, which is frontally provided with a central cylindrical conduit than receives a shank that centrally protrudes from the back of a button. 

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